About Us

Founded in 1987, VJ Technologies is a leading global provider of X-ray inspection solutions. We apply our radioscopic digital imaging expertise to government agencies and nondestructive testing (NDT) markets throughout the world.

VJT develops and manufactures a complete line of automated, manual, turnkey and custom X-ray inspection systems. Our primary market sectors include: aerospace, automotive, electronics, remediation, nuclear, oil & gas, and pipe & weld applications. VJT X-ray inspection systems are used for radioscopic inspection of products and assemblies to detect defects or foreign matter, reducing cost and time while increasing quality and safety.

VJT delivers a competitive advantage over other companies through:

- Our network of global offices
- Through our award-winning Vi3 Software Suite
- With cloud-based services
- Utilizing innovative ADE & ADR technologies
- With remote reading DR & CT services

The world’s largest organizations and governments, trust VJ Group’s engineering prowess and innovative X-Ray technologies to ensure the safety of the public, environment and their brands.

The VJ Group... Confidence Delivered!

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence