About Us

A1 Solutions is an energy management company dedicated to the development and enhancement of businesses to realize their maximum potential through the correct use and application of their energy resource(es). Guided by the international energy management standard ISO standard (ISO 50001) we follow a systematic and pragmatic method of analysis and implementation to ensure that the organization develops an energy plan best suited to its current operations and long term goals taking into considerations available technologies e.g (solar photovoltaic, wind, combined heat and power etc. ) initiatives (e.g. energy efficiency and conservation methods) along with operations enhancements (e.g. maintenance programs and better and more efficient ways of accomplishing existing tasks). It is our view that energy has the unique ability to provide the best means for several industrial organizations to achieve peak (optimum) efficiency and through an energy management program to instill a culture of continual improvement. In today's Global environment this competitive edge can singularly allow companies to dominate their field and to instill a culture of continual excellence. Further information can be gained at the following website: http://www.aceee.org/files/proceedings/2013/data/papers/4_103.pdf

Business size

1-10 employees

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